Moving Supplies


There’s no more need to run around town looking for packing and moving supplies because we have them all here at Jacksonville Self Storage. We understand how stressful it can be to move your things. So we want to make your experience with us more convenient, stress-free and hassle-free.
Here at our public storage facility, you can purchase these packing and moving supplies.

Packing, Moving, Packaging And Shipping Supplies

Boxes Moving Protection & Fillers
Wardrobe Boxes Bubble Wrap
File Boxes Packing Peanuts
Picture Boxes Wrapping Paper
VCR Boxes Mattress Covers
Dish Boxes Sofa Covers
Locks Tape
Pad Locks Tape Guns
Cylinder Locks Duct Tape
Disc Locks Clear Tape

Actual inventory will vary by location

Aside from supply availability, you need not worry about renting moving trucks anymore. We have readily available U-Haul moving trucks to make your move much easier. U-Haul trucks is a trusted name when it comes to household and commercial moving. We will help you pick the right truck at the lowest possible cost too. Jacksonville Self Storage has everything you need and more. We’d like to keep it that way.